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IAF MD 5:2008 Duration of QMS and EMS Audits
(Issue 1, issued on 1 February 2009; Application from 1 May 2009)
This mandatory document was derived from the guidance previously available in two documents, IAF GD2:2005 Annex 2 and IAF GD6:2006 Annex 1. It provides mandatory provisions and guidance for CABs to determine the audit duration for stage 1 and stage 2 initial audits, surveillance audits and recertification audits.
A simple methodology is used to determine the audit duration (stage 1 plus stage 2) from tables based on the effective number of client personnel. For EMS audits, the duration varies according to the complexity of the audit. Factors which could add to, or subtract from the time are applied and checks made to ensure specified caveats are applied and any reductions in time do not exceed requirements specified in this document. The justification for the calculated time is recorded for future audit by an accreditation body.


IAF MD 5:2008 Duration of QMS and EMS Audits




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